Walking in the Suburbs Is My Favorite… Thing!

Alright, so it’s no “eating in Italy” (my parents can attest), BUT I do deeply enjoy walking to places in the suburbs, especially somewhat far-flung ones like my parents’. People in their cars think you’re kinda strange (but also learn to watch out for us oddballs and perhaps even feel inspired to walk a block themselves). You get a little exercise, which can be a nice break from, in my case, studying. And at this modest pace, you see things you didn’t even notice were there before, things someone else put a little effort or personality into that would normally just blur past out the car window. Things like: Continue reading “Walking in the Suburbs Is My Favorite… Thing!”

Tea, As I Know It

It smells like a childhood June night, but it is an adult October one.

Soggy, slow breeze through a screen window, moon near full, haloed by the blur of a light humidity and me not wearing my glasses.

I put on the water to boil, some modern magic of pipes and infrastructure that spares my lungs some intimate soot but burns with a blue that confirms an invisible, millennia-accumulated cost. Only long things burn that blue-bright. Periwinkle perish-bright, orange edge flicker. Continue reading “Tea, As I Know It”