On Hearing of the Parkland Shooting

News alerts lit up my phone, one after another, announcing each new round of details on today’s shooting at a high school in Florida, America’s eighteenth school shooting so far in 2018. I worked out this afternoon, mouth agape at the footage the TV news station had on repeat for the duration of my cycling set, tears welling up thinking of the parents about to learn they’d lost a child or spouses a partner, surrounded by strangers going about their lives just as I was. When exactly did we get used to this?

I remembered something I wrote a few years ago, after the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. Remember that one? Maybe not. Awfully, they start to blur together. Reposting the (admittedly unpolished) reflection here, an attempt at “collage” writing, and which feels, sadly, just as fresh today as it did nearly three years ago: Continue reading “On Hearing of the Parkland Shooting”

Serena Watches TV… and Is Mostly Disappointed

Welp, it came to pass of late that I watched some movies and TV. Or TV-like substance delivered via the new interwebz talkie dealers like Amazon and Netflix. But what’s a girl to do between 1) awaiting admissions decisions that will determine the course of the next several years of her life, 2) a little bit of contract work, and 3) a 46-hour wifi-less Amtrak ride? (Yes, I did it again, and yes, I still loved it.) PSA: Apparently you canĀ download shows in advance for those long rail-bound hours! And yeah, I am only just learning this because I am 1,000 years old.

I had some thoughts about these shows, though, and thought I might save you some hours with a few reviews… Continue reading “Serena Watches TV… and Is Mostly Disappointed”