All Quiet on the Midwest Front

Photo: Anthony admires the Chicago Cultural Center. Photo by me, ceilings by Tiffany’s (yes, really).

Welp, it’s been a while, friends. What have I been up to? In short:

  • Hanging with family in Chicago, which is a gorgeous, friendly, frigid place that after five years away I find I love even more than I thought. Also, my cousins’ kids are hilarious and adorable, as well as larger and more numerous now! It’s been a blast to see them at the family holiday parties.
  • Ringing in the new year with a friend from the bike trip (pictured above), with whom I got to do all these lovely Chicago-y things, like see live blues at Kingston Mines, ride my beloved el train, and eat deep-dish pizza not once but twice¬†(his request).
  • Applying to grad school, including the cram-studying for and taking of a beast of a test, the endless writing of essays, and the heaps of confusion and self-doubt that inevitably go along with all that. Whee!
  • Cooking. A lot. (Read: forcing/tricking my parents into eat more vegetables.)
  • Working out, because a) I plan to get back on that bicycle in a couple of months and tour some Southwest locales, then loop back up to the Pacific Northwest to scam those routes I couldn’t do last summer; and b) the local park district classes are full of sassy old broads who do not hesitate to vocalize their annoyance with a particular exercise, lol, and I want to be their friend.
  • Erm… not writing on this blog. Oops! But writing elsewhere. And hoping to get more regular here again…

Okay, if anyone’s interested in joining me for some bike-packing this spring/summer (slash if anyone even reads this blog anymore), lemme know!

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