Bogachiel to Seaside, OR (several days)

Image: Panorama on the 105.

Bogachiel to Rainforest Hostel (15 mi + 10 to/from Ruby Beach), Saturday, 8/5
Rainforest Hostel to Quinault (45 mi), Sunday, 8/6
Quinault to Montesano (50 mi + 5 mi for errands), Monday, 8/7
Montesano to Raymond (65 mi), Tuesday, 8/8
Raymond to Fort Stevens State Park, Wednesday, 8/9
Fort Stevens State Park to Manzanita, OR, Thursday, 8/10

Missed a few days there between the excitement of Jimmy the Righteous, lazing and treating myself at Quinault, and hauling ass to Montesano. Then I had the most scenic day of my riding so far, taking my Warm Showers host Elaine’s advice to bike the long but flat way around Highway 105 to her home in Raymond, WA. It was one stunning vista after another, and I took more photos in those few hours than I had in my entire trip so far. Elaine hosted both me and Alec, an English guy biking Alaska to the southern tip of South America. She let us do laundry, encouraged us to eat anything in sight, and made us a standout dinner, followed by extra helpings of dessert.

Alec and I biked together the following day, joining up with an Irish guy, Sean, midway through. They waited up for me to cross the four-and-a-half-mile bridge across the blustery Columbia River into Oregon, my pace a good deal slower than theirs and my bike overloaded with gear (I’ll slim down later this week). The three of us grabbed beers at Fort George Brewing, then biked the last ten or so remaining miles to Fort Stevens State Park, stopping for dinner supplies (and an appalling amount of beer) on the way.

I’d heard tell of how great the Oregon state parks are for bikers, and they did not disappoint: freeeeee hot showers, a lovely hiker/biker area, and even recycling bins. We ate brats and chips and veggies, all washed down with too much beer, joked around and told stories until late, then tumbled into our respective tents for some much needed shuteye.

This morning was a pokey affair, and we took our time (I think for my slightly hung over sake) rolling to Seaside for coffee. Unfortunately, we lost Sean to a flat tire on the way and didn’t manage to meet up with him in town, despite a note we left for him back on 101. Ah well: so go the touring meet-ups, I suppose.

My dad gets into town this evening for a few days together on the coast, during which time I’ll hope to catch up on more writing (and perhaps color in some of the above days). More soon…

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  1. This is so beautiful, Serena! Love the update! Also, is Alec a real person? Or a cyborg on a super-bike able to pack light and withstand all the hurdles from Alaska to Chile?? I think we know the answer… Have fun with Dad and beware the cyborgs!! I love you and you inspire me!

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